Dr. Perry Brown


Dr. Perry Brown is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky and a Masters degree from City College of New York. He comes to Lake Cumberland Weight Loss Center with extensive and varied clinical experience, having practiced psychology for over 35 years, in a variety of settings. For many years, he specialized in psychological testing and psychotherapy with adults and children, in both outpatient clinics and psychiatric hospitals. He has combined this experience with a strong interest in working with people with disordered eating habits and weight problems, to develop an independent practice specializing in the Bariatric field. His associations with various bariatric programs across the state have led him to perform more than 8000 pre-surgical psychological evaluations over the last 12 years.  Dr. Brown has a strong belief that emotions, relationships, lifestyle and personality factors have a significant effect on eating habits and weight problems. He is passionate about helping bariatric patients realize and address these psychological factors, so they will have a better opportunity to be successful in their weight-loss efforts following bariatric surgery.