Support Staff

 Senior Director- Bariatric Services

William (J.R.) Parker, RN, BSN

LAP-BAND(R) Patient



 Bariatric Center Support Staff

Cassie Henderlight, LPN- Clinic Nurse: 606.676.0455

Tonya G. Jones- Insurance Specialist: (606) 802-2865

   Katie House- Patient Advocate: (606)676-0455

 Joy Simpson- Medical Assistant: (606)676-0455 

Email us at: LCRH.CBC@LPNT.NET


 Bariatric Dietitians 

Dianna Maybrier- Bariatric Dietitian Coordinator: 606.678.3114

Surgical Services

Melissa Smith, RN, BSN- LCRH Surgical Services Senior Director: 606.678.3208

Kathy Turner, RN- Director Med Park West Surgery Center: 606.679.3209

Marketing/ Physican Relations

Susan Wilson- Director Community Relations/ Marketing

Crystal Cox- Bariatric  Marketing Coordinator: 606.451.2970

Fran Treado- Physician Relations: 606.679.7441

 Follow-up care provided by Dr. John Mobley and Lake Cumberland Weight Loss Physician's Office Staff

To schedule a follow-up appointment or for any post-op concerns please call: