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Jim Bean


Date of Operation: April 3, 2009



Before Photo After Photo

I am one of those people that was athletic in school: football, wrestling, baseball, tennis, marching band, etc. but had bad genes all along the way, and when I went to college, they caught up with me. Then, after college, I started teaching and coaching, and when I saw the first team picture, I was appaled at what I saw. I wasn't what a coach should have looked like...I looked like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow man. I tried all the fad diets...Weight Watchers, Nutri-system, Atkins, protien shakes, liquid diets, salad diets, soup diets. But I liked see-food the best, whatever I saw, I ate. I had these uncontrollable cravings for REALLY bad stuff, like eating whole pizzas and a 20-sack of White Castle's...the cravings killed me! I tried the pill several times, and I would do it for 6 months, drop about 70 pounds each time, and after I went off the pill, I gain it back in about 6 weeks. Then I started looking at weight loss surgery...I needed some relief. I had kids and a wife I needed to live past my 50s for! I started looking at Dr. Husted mainly because he was close, only 30 minutes where I lived, and didn't want to travel 2-3 hours to Lexington and Georgetown. And, then I started my research on him, and found out we have one of THE top bariatric surgeons in our own backyard. I went to an informational seminar, and was so impressed, I never looked back. When I entered LCRH for surgery on 4-3-2009, I weighed 340 pounds. I had people so worried about me, even tried to bribe me with buying me cell phones and the like, if I didn't have this surgery. But I knew that I was in God's hands for this. I went through all the steps that the CBC needed for me to do, including choosing what surgery, and it's amazing...all you have to do is LISTEN TO YOUR DOCTOR/SURGEON AND ALL WILL BE WELL!! My surgery took a little longer than normal because I was smaller-framed than other patients, but Dr. Husted took the time to do it RIGHT!!! I chose the Duodenal Switch for several reasons, one mainly because I saw my family history, and knew that this would be the best option for me to be successful in my future. After my surgery, the CBC had a master playbook that was written specifically for pre-op, surgery day, and post-op, and I followed it TO THE LETTER, and I have had 100% success. I am now 10 months out, and I have lost approx. 140 pounds! I am floating around 200-204 pounds, give and take how much liquids I have consumed in a day! There have been NO surprises...CBC and Dr. Husted prepare you for ANY and ALL surprises...so I knew EXACTLY what to expect! I am 100% back into my activities, including cattle farming, running my girls around to their practices, continuing my work with the RCHS marching band...and feel GREAT!!!! I have not gained any weight back....and am healthier that I ever have been! If you are obese, or like me, morbidly obese, I would recommend surgery to anyone....but you must make the commitment for the life change needed for the surgery to be succesful....like Nike says: JUST DO IT!!! You won't regret it! I thank God every day for Dr. Husted and the CBC for my new lease on life!

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